User License Details Report

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The User License Details report lists the details of one or all user licenses and helps you represent consumption by Access Mode for virtual access to applications. Software Asset Managers may choose to generate this report at or around the time of a vendor audit or when an user leaves the company. This report would enable them to identify which licenses that user was consuming and then be able to reclaim those for other people.

Generating the report

  1. Go to the User License Details page.
  2. Click Run report to display the results for all licenses.

Limiting the report results

In the top left corner is a search field labeled License. Click the search icon and choose the license to include in this report. For help with the search, see To Use a Fly-Down.

Reading the report

The following columns (listed alphabetically) are available in this list. By default, some are available through the column chooser.

Column name Description
Access mode
The method that this device uses to access a software application. This field can have one of the following values:
  • Blank — When there is an allocation without any supportive installation record from the imported inventory.
  • App-V For a virtualized application delivered through Microsoft App-V.
  • Citrix Virtual App — Application data imported from Citrix Cloud into IT Asset Management that is recognized by the Application Recognition Library (ARL).
  • Local — The application has been installed locally on the inventory device.
  • XenApp (now known as Citrix Virtual Apps) — The application has been accessed remotely via a Citrix XenApp server.
  • XenDesktop (now known as Virtual Desktops) — The application has been installed on a virtual machine in your VDI infrastructure, and associated with this inventory device because the primary end-user has accessed the software through this inventory device. If your virtual machine image includes the FlexNet Inventory Agent, this inventory device may have been identified as the end-point from which the end user accessed the VDI. In other circumstances, the end-user may have used a remote device such as a home computer or mobile device that cannot be inventoried; but as the end-user is associated with this inventory device, the application use can be recorded here for license consumption calculations.

IT Asset Management generates the value of this field.

The application's name, which may be:
  • Set by the Application Recognition Library, and not editable (for applications with Source: Flexera)
  • Derived from the evidence values for Product, Version, and Edition properties (when generated by IT Asset Management), and editable to suit your corporate standards.
You can edit this on the General tab of the application properties when Local is displayed in the Source column (which means the application was added manually by an operator).
Application version

The release number (or release identifier) of an application.

Visible in the Version field in General tab of the application properties. Editable for applications with a Source value of Local. For applications from the Application Recognition Library, it is not editable.

Assigned user

The user assigned to, or calculated for, this device.

Editable in the Assigned field in Ownership tab of the inventory device properties.

Computer name

The device consuming from this license. In the case of CAL license types, this is the client device accessing the server that requires a CAL. If this name matches any existing inventory device name, it is displayed as a link. You can click this link to view the inventory device properties. The compliance calculation updates this field with the machine name returned in inventory (matched by several properties, including serial number).

Editable in the Name field in the General tab of the inventory device properties (for manually-created records).

Computer domain

The name of the domain to which the associated computing device belongs.

Editable in the General tab of the inventory device properties for manually created records. The value is overwritten (permanently) by incoming inventory, and thereafter is read-only.

Calculated user

Copied from the inventory item linked to this asset record, this is the user most often logged on to the device in the last ten inventory collections.

Not editable: a read-only copy from the inventory device.

Consumed without usage

Displays Yes if the user was manually allocated a license and is consuming points against that license. Displays No if the user is manually allocated a license but they are not consuming any points.

Not editable.

Exemption reason

The reason why the individual computer or user is exempt from consuming an entitlement under this license, even though the application is in use. When this column is blank, application use on this computer, or by this user, can count towards consumption of the license.

The Exemption reason may be set on the Consumption tab of the license properties; or it may be based on the setting of the device role which matches an exemption reason identified in the product use rights of the license.

Is allocated

Indicates whether the license has been allocated to this user.

The Allocated value is editable in the Consumption tab of the license properties. Furthermore, the type of allocation can be adjusted on the Licenses tab of the inventory device properties.

Is installed
Displays Yes if any of the following is true, as shown in the last compliance calculation:
  • The application is installed on the device (for device- or points-based licenses)
  • The application was used by the end-user, or is installed on any of this user's devices (for user-based licenses)
  • The application was accessed through Citrix Virtual Apps (when access mode is Citrix)
  • For an IBM VPC or IBM PVU license, this row identifies a Kubernetes cluster where the software is installed.

The Installed value is not editable, but is calculated as inventory is processed.

Is used

Indicates whether a product license is being used on the associated inventory device.

The discovery and inventory process generates the value of this field.

Last used date

The most recent date when this user opened the application, on any machine where the user has a login. Requires that usage information on this application is returned by at least one inventory source.

This value relies on inventory, and is not editable.

License key

The license key (if any) authorizing each application linked to this license.

Editable in the License keys column on the Consumption tab of license properties.

Operator account

The user's login name.

Editable in the General tab of the user properties.

Usage sessions

The number of sessions in which the application was run in the selected reporting period.

The value of this field is automatically reported by IT Asset Management from the uploaded application usage files.

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