Assessing Simulation Results

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
After every change, the simulation is recalculated, and you can see these results:
  • Changed license consumption: Use the License summary list to see, for each license:
    • Total consumption at the start of your simulation (from the underlying compliance snapshot)
    • Current total consumption after your latest change
    • The resulting change in points (or entitlements) consumed.
  • Changed liability: Liability is the amount you need to pay to correct any over-consumption and make the licenses compliant. The calculations require that there is a value for Unit price for each license (see Adjusting the Unit Price). For each license, the calculation is
    (total consumption from inventory - (quantity purchased + Extra entitlements)) x unit price
    This is repeated for the start of your simulation (original), and for the current consumption (projected) in your simulation. In both cases, liability is not allowed to go negative (that is, you only have a liability when there is over-consumption). Then the difference is shown in Change to liability. If this is positive, your simulation is making over-consumption worse. If the change is negative, your are improving things but have further to go.
  • Where consumption is happening: the Inventory details tree is also recalculated after every change, but normally the consumption figures are hidden because they are not meaningful while you are looking at multiple licenses. To see which machines are consuming the most, review just the one license (see Reviewing a Specific License), and the points will appear in the Inventory details tree. They are displayed for each machine, and for a virtual machine within a pool or on a host, totals are also rolled up across all parents in the tree.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)