Linking Data Imports to FlexNet Manager Suite

With the source data connection specified and checked, it's time to map the incoming source data to the destination fields within the operations databases (specifically the compliance database).

Mapping the source data to the destination database includes these steps:
  1. Retrieving the list of fields from the data source (see Retrieving the List of Fields).
  2. Choosing the target objects in the compliance database to which the data applies, and the order in which they should be populated in view of their interdependencies (see Choosing Target Database Items in FlexNet Manager Suite).
  3. Defining the import rules to be applied to each imported item, for handling updates and object creation (see Defining Import Rules for a Database Item for database objects, and Defining Import Rules for Attributes/Properties for their individual attributes or properties).
  4. Linking the source data fields, one by one, to the attributes (or properties) of the database objects in the target compliance database. For linking to objects, see Defining Import Rules for a Database Item. For their properties, see Defining Import Rules for Attributes/Properties.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1