Configuring IT Visibility Integration

To configure IT Visibility Integration:

1. Login to the Flexera One console as an admin user. For additional information, refer to Logging in to Flexera One or Resetting Your Password in the Flexera One online help.
2. Go to the IT Visibility Connections page (IT Visibility > Connections).
3. Click the edit icon in the top right of the ServiceNow tile. A ServiceNow slideout appears.
4. In the ServiceNow slideout, enter the ServiceNow configuration details:
a. ServiceNow Instance URL—Enter the fully qualified ServiceNow instance URL.
b. ServiceNow Token—Enter the ServiceNow OAuth token you generated in Step 4 of Configuring the ServiceNow Application.
c. Click the Test & Save button.

IT Visibility attempts to establish a connection with ServiceNow using the information you entered. When successful, your configuration is saved, and you are presented with a Connected status in the ServiceNow tile.

Note:IT Visibility has daily scheduled task to perform ServiceNow integration data load and dashboard report refresh. Refer to the Flexera One help for details.