Logging in to Flexera One or Resetting Your Password

Note:You need to add the appropriate URLs to the list of trusted locations in your browser to properly access pages of Flexera One. For the complete list, refer to Safelist URLs and Endpoints.

To log in to Flexera One and to reset your password:

1. In a supported web browser (see Flexera One Supported Browsers), access either of the following URLs based on the server location of your account:
North Americaapp.flexera.com 
2. The Flexera One login screen appears. From here you can:
Log in to Flexera One by entering your email address and password, and then clicking the LOG IN button.
If you are using single sign-on, click the SIGN IN WITH SSO button, provide your organization's discovery hint, optionally click the Remember discovery hint check box, and click the LOG IN button.

Note:If you don’t know it or no hint was set, you can sign in to Flexera from your identity provider’s website.

Reset your password by clicking Forgot password, entering your email, and then clicking the EMAIL LINK button. Alternatively, to reset your password using the direct link applicable to the server location of your account:
North Americaapp.flexera.com/password/request