App Broker REST API Reference

App Broker 2020 R1

The App Broker REST API powers the App Portal integration with third-party applications. This section describes the App Broker REST API endpoints.

App Broker REST API Host Location
Getting Started with App Broker REST API
Catalog/Category API Endpoints
Custom Selection API Endpoints
Custom Filtering API Endpoints
Custom Sorting API Endpoints
Custom Pagination API Endpoints
Users API Endpoints
User Context API Endpoints
Order (Package Request) API Endpoints
Requests API Endpoints
License API Endpoints
ServiceNow Computer Provisioning Endpoints
My Apps API Endpoints
Approvals API Endpoints
Development Tip: Postman Chrome Add-On
Retrieving the Standard Conditions for License Reclamation and Retire/Upgrade Campaigns

Note:App Portal also has a set of API web methods, but they are SOAP based, while App Broker’s API is REST and SOAP based. For more information, see App Portal API Reference.