Integration Instructions

SaaS Manager offers several Ways to Authorize Direct Connect Integrations for adding Software as a Service (SaaS) applications to your SaaS Manager catalog of Managed Applications. Once you decide the method for integrating your SaaS applications into SaaS Manager, this guide provides integration instructions and required information needed to integrate a specific application.

To view the available integration tasks for each application, see Application Task Tracking .

The following table summarizes the available HR, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Expense integrations. Click the application link for specific integration instructions. All SaaS application integrations are also documented in this section. Most integrations source historical data for the past 30 days on the initial run. Any exceptions are noted in the applicable integration instructions.

SaaS Manager’s catalog of Managed Applications by integration category


Single Sign-On (SSO)




Concur Expense v3

Employee Central (SAP)

Next-Gen Access



Okta Platform


Next-Gen Access



Okta Platform



Workday HCM New