Adding Third-Party License Servers

Before you can add a third-party license server to FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications, you must first create a report log definition and create a licensing template to support the licensing system used by the license server. See the topic, Workflow for Adding Third-Party License Servers, for more information.

The license server command definitions are based on what is defined in a third-party licensing template, but you can customize these definitions on a per–license server basis.

To add a third-party license server:

1. From the Servers tab, under Third-Party License Servers, click the Third-Party License Server Summary.
2. Click New Third-Party License Server.
3. Provide information about the license server.



License server name

Provide a unique name for the third-party license server.

Licensing template

Select the third-party licensing template that FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications should use for this license server.


Select the FlexNet Agent that is installed on the machine where the third-party license server resides.

Time zone

Select the time zone for the third-party license server.

By default, the time zone selected is the time zone of the FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications server.

4. In the License Server Command Definitions section, you can optionally customize the commands for this individual license server. Click Copy from template to paste the commands that are defined in the selected third-party licensing template. Copying these commands will overwrite any text contained in the text boxes in this section. Modify any commands as necessary.
5. In the License Server Status Update section, indicate whether you want the license server status to be refreshed at a specified interval.
6. In the Report Log Rotation section, indicate whether you want the report logs to be rotated daily, at a specified time.
7. Click Save.

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