IT Asset Management (Cloud)

FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications identifies indirect access by collecting relevant evidence. The workflow of managing the indirect access evidence usually includes the following steps:

  1. Viewing the evidence on the Indirect Access page (Licenses > SAP Optimization > Indirect Access).

    For more information, see Viewing Remote System Evidence and Viewing SAP User Accounts Evidence.

  2. Reviewing the evidence details and deciding whether indirect access has occurred.

    For more information, see Remote System Evidence and SAP User Accounts Evidence.

  3. Creating a non-SAP system and linking evidence to it.

    For more information, see Linking Evidence to a Non-SAP System.

  4. Hiding evidence if it does not need further action.

    For more information, see Showing and Hiding Remote System Evidence.

  5. Importing user data, roles, and consumption data into the non-SAP system to enable optimization of the non-SAP system.

    For more information, see Importing Data into a Non-SAP System.

  6. Creating an Indirect Access Evidence report to view the license consumption that is due to indirect access from non-SAP systems.

    For more information, see Creating an Indirect Access Evidence Report.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)