Adding or Editing an Evidence Record

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

You can create, or edit, either an installer evidence or file evidence record from some IT Asset Management pages. Before adding a new record, make sure that this evidence is not already available. For details about finding evidence records, see Adding a Simple Filter.

To create/edit an evidence record:

  1. Click any of the following:
    • License Compliance > All Evidence
    • License Compliance > Ignored Evidence
    • License Compliance > Inactive Evidence
    Note: To edit an existing evidence record, choose Local from the Source drop-down list, select an evidence record you need, and click Open. If you change the record's value in such a way that it no longer matches the evidence returned in your inventory, then its assigned application will not be recognized for license consumption purposes. If you want to edit an evidence record imported through the inventory process (with Flexera displayed on the Source list or column), then the only field you can modify on the General tab is the Ignored list.
  2. Click the appropriate evidence tab.
  3. Click Create evidence, and fill out the appropriate fields (for more details about these fields, see either General Tab for Installer Evidence or General Tab for File Evidence).
  4. Click the Applications tab.
  5. Click Search, select an application the evidence must be associated with, and click Add applications.
    Tip: You can select and add more than one application. Depending on the type of an evidence record you are creating, see either Applications Tab for Installer Evidence or Applications Tab for File Evidence for more information.
  6. Click Create.
The new evidence record is added to the Inactive Evidence and All Evidence pages.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)