Generating an Inbuilt Report

IT Asset Management 2024 R1.1 (Cloud)

How to generate an inbuilt report.

  1. Click the Reports button located above the top modal menu.
    The Reports Index page displays.
  2. To select and open a report:
    • Navigate to a group of reports using the navigation tree on the left and click a report to open it.
    • Use the top modal menu to locate and open a report. For example, select the Oracle Server Worksheet for Oracle Database report from the License Compliance menu.
  3. Set one or more report criteria or report filters as desired.
    The Run report button enables for reports that require criteria to be selected.
    Tip: Some reports may output a large number of rows. It is a recommended practice to set the appropriate filters before you run a report. Once you have made your selection in the search window (that appears when you click any search icon), you may need to click the close (x) button on the search box to continue.
  4. Click Run report.
    The result displays.
    Note: You can use filters to restrict the number of results. You can click the small arrow on the top of the report table to view the applied filter conditions. For more information on using filters, see Using Filters to Limit Data Size.

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