FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1 (On-Premises Edition)

Licenses are the central pillar of your system to optimize software purchases.

A software license represents one or more license entitlements, and defines the terms and conditions of use for one or more applications. Licenses are represented in the system as objects with a number of properties that you can edit (see License Properties). A typical single-product license entitles you to install one product; whereas a multi-product license entitles you to install a set of products based on the license agreement terms (see Multi-Product License). Your license records are available in several different list views that emphasize different conditions about the licenses. These views include (alphabetically):
  • All Licenses
  • License Contract Expiry, showing licenses that are linked to contracts (that is, the licenses depend on the contracts in some way), when the contracts have expired, or are about to expire
  • License and Maintenance Expiry, showing non-perpetual licenses coming up for renewal
  • Licenses at Risk, showing licenses where installations (or use) exceed the records of purchased entitlements
  • Recommended License Changes, highlighting changes in the SKU and PURL libraries that clash with some of your existing licenses, giving you the choice to update your licenses, or stick with your current settings
  • Under-Consumed Licenses, where purchase records show entitlements well in excess of the installations visible in inventory collections
  • Unlicensed Installations, which includes both software for which no license has been recorded as yet, and installations of software that for some reason fall outside the scope of any existing license.