Access Management

The Flexera One Administration module provides access management capabilities, enabling you to manage users, user groups, accounts, and roles across all Flexera One Organizations. Roles, groups, and accounts are scoped to an Organization, allowing greater control for performing management actions such as granting user roles.

An Organization is a container for users, groups, and accounts. The name of the current Organization displays in the header information, to the left of the Profile icon. In the following example, Flexera One Demo is the current Organization. Clicking the arrow to the right of the current Organization invokes a Select an Organization drop-down list of available Organizations, as well as a search box to filter Organizations for easier selection.

The following sections are provided:

Viewing List of Flexera One Users
Adding New Users
Creating and Managing User Groups
Removing a User From an Organization
Downloading a List of Flexera One Users
Downloading Account Details
Flexera One Roles