Getting Started with SaaS Management

Because of its relatively low overhead and upfront costs, Software as a Service (SaaS) is easy to buy and easy to deploy. But SaaS tends to proliferate. SaaS Management identifies SaaS applications within your organization, monitors license utilization for your SaaS applications, and details usage and cost data by internal user segments through proactively generated, easy-to-read reports. You’ll understand when you’re paying for SaaS licenses but not using them.

Getting Started Resources for SaaS Management

The following resources will help you get started with SaaS Management:

SaaS Management Training Videos
SaaS Management Help Topics
Common User Activity Terms Found in SaaS Management Help

SaaS Management Training Videos

The Flexera Community Learning Center offers several training videos to get you started with the key features of SaaS Management. You will need your Flexera Community credentials to access the Getting Started with SaaS training videos.

SaaS Management Help Topics

The table below provides navigation to the following SaaS Management help topics.

SaaS Management Help Topics



Managing SaaS Applications

Describes how to manage SaaS applications in your list of Managed SaaS Applications

Managing SaaS Licenses

Describes how to manage SaaS license information

Securing SaaS User Accounts

Describes how to secure user accounts by tracking suspicious SaaS activities and reclaiming SaaS licenses

Loading SaaS Data Via the Import Jobs API

The SaaS Management Import Jobs API helps you:

Add a SaaS application not currently supported by SaaS Management through a direct integration for rightsizing
Add and view Single Sign-On (SSO) data for rightsizing and optimization from any SSO provider

SaaS Integrations

The sections listed below provide the following SaaS integration information:

Choosing a Data Source explains the differences between Single Sign-On Integrations vs Direct Integrations and helps you determine how you would like to pull data for your organization.
Authorizing a SaaS Integration explains how to authorize direct SaaS integrations in SaaS Management.
SaaS Integration Task Terminology describes each type of integration task in SaaS Management.
Application Task Tracking lists the available integration tasks for each SaaS application. Columns with a blue circle represent available integration tasks.
Instructions provide integration instructions and the required information to integrate a specific SaaS application. Most integrations source historical data for the past 30 days on the initial run. Any exceptions are noted in the applicable integration instructions.

A table lists SaaS Management’s catalog of Managed SaaS Applications by integration category: HR, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Expense.

SaaS Management Resources

If you need to manually upload expenses, upload the SaaS Management Expense Format (this link downloads the form SaaSManagementExpenseFormat.xlsx ) on a monthly basis in the Documents tab of the SaaS application’s License screen. For details, see Uploading License Documents. All uploaded files must contain the appropriate headers for data matching.
If you need a manual upload of your organization’s HR Roster, contact your SaaS Management representative or Flexera Support to upload the SaaS Management Manual Import HR Form (this link downloads the form SaaSManagementManualHRForm.xlsx). All uploaded files must contain the appropriate headers for data matching.

SaaS Management User Interface Reference

Provides an overview of the SaaS Management user interface

SaaS Management Privacy and Security

Provides an overview of SaaS Management security features and a list of regulations that SaaS Management complies with

SaaS Management Troubleshooting

Describes common errors that can occur in SaaS Management and provides troubleshooting

Common User Activity Terms Found in SaaS Management Help

The table below explains common user activity terms found in SaaS Management help.

Common User Activity Terms Found in SaaS Management Help




In terms of user activity, the user has accessed the SaaS application once within the last 60 days or per your organization’s Setting Activity Thresholds.


In terms of user activity, the user has not used the SaaS application in more than 60 days or per your organization’s Setting Activity Thresholds.

Never Active

In terms of user activity, no activity has been recorded for a user based on the application roster.