Flexera One Platform Features by Release

The following table provides a list of Flexera One Platform features by release.

Month and year

New feature or enhancement

June 2024

Ability to Revoke API Refresh Token From Flexera One Interface 

March 2024

Power BI endpoints added

November 2023

Updates to Credentials API 

August 2023

New API parameter added to suppress Flexera One invitation email 

June 2023

Flexera One now supports German translation 

New Access Rule API 

February 2023

Flexera One provides hosting location in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region 

January 2023

Flexera One now supports Spanish translation 

July 2022

Source IP filtering changes 

June 2022

Flexera One now supports French translation 

March 2021

Just-In-Time Provisioning and Group Sync added to Flexera One 

Single Sign-On enforcement added to Flexera One