SaaS Management Features by Release

The following table provides a list of SaaS Management features by release.

Month and year

New feature or enhancement

April 2024

New fromDate parameter for API calls to filter SaaS user activity data  

Preview data import for additional SaaS vendors 

Universal API for ingesting SaaS data from cloud access security brokers 

March 2024

New SaaS integration for Confluence 

New SaaS integration for Jira 

Users tab now includes all organizational attributes 

February 2024

ServiceNow app details and user level activity for custom apps 

December 2023

Streamlined ingestion of SaaS vendor data 

November 2023

Identify and analyze additional shadow SaaS use 

Reclaiming user licenses and tracking user activity no longer available for DocuSign integration 

October 2023

Legacy ServiceNow integration instructions removed from Flexera One Help 

September 2023

Improved data accuracy display of ServiceNow license consumption 

Mapping ServiceNow role types to identify potential cost savings 

New Power BI reporting insights for ServiceNow subscriptions and allocations  

New SaaS Management insights for Microsoft 365 cost analysis and license downgrading 

August 2023

Legacy SaaS integrations no longer available as new integrations 

June 2023

Tracking consumption-based SaaS license spend from all SaaS vendors 

New Power BI reporting insights for Microsoft 365 cost analysis and license downgrading  

New ServiceNow account information displayed in SaaS Management 

May 2023

Enabling a bearer token for API jobs within the FSM Data Ingestion Utility 

Personal access token authentication and new integration task schedule for Tableau Online 

Sunsetting legacy SaaS integrations 

March 2023

Integrating Salesforce, AppExchange, and Marketing Cloud data within one SaaS Management workspace  

Self-service management of ServiceNow subscription license assignment and usage 

Tracking usage of installed managed packages for Salesforce AppExchange 

Greater security for Microsoft 365 certificate-based authentication integration for SaaS Management 

Installing SaaS Management Data Ingestion Utility application as a Microsoft Windows service 

February 2023

New SaaS Management integration for multiple tier Zoom plans 

Single tier Zoom plan enhancements: reclaiming licenses and tracking free users, plan name, and user activity 

January 2023

New tool for importing SaaS vendor data into SaaS Management 

Managing Azure domains in SaaS Management 

New Cisco Umbrella API for SaaS Management integration tasks 

December 2022

Adobe Single app licenses now display in SaaS Management and IT Asset Management

Augment SaaS license data using CSV file import  

Batch upload for connecting multiple Salesforce Orgs to Flexera One 

Improved CSV file for exporting SaaS users 

Mapping Salesforce contract SKU Name to license name in Salesforce portal 

November 2022

Token-based authentication for Jamf Pro 

October 2022

Managing and optimizing Google Workspace license information 

New ServiceNow subscription licensing integrations that support license differentiation  

Tracking free Smartsheet users 

September 2022

Extended user dataset for Microsoft 365 license downgrade management 

Managing Box Licenses with new Box Client Credentials integration 

Salesforce license drill through view 

Additional Salesforce cost driver fields - Phase 1 

More timely Organization SaaS Usage data 

New Overview tab design for SaaS applications without usage data 

August 2022

Azure SSO performance improvements 

July 2022

Creative Cloud integration now solves the Adobe hybrid challenge 

Managing DocuSign licenses with new License Information and Reclamation API endpoints 

Managing Tableau Online licenses with new License Information and Reclamation API endpoints 

New managed SaaS Applications Overview tab 

June 2022

Analyzing Salesforce user and license activity data 

Data anonymization has been disabled in Microsoft 365 integration 

Expense (Coupa) integration update to OAuth2 With Client Credentials 

User Event activity tracking and improved license reclamation workflow for Smartsheet 

User slideout with View More Details link 

May 2022

New API endpoints for Azure and Azure Client Credentials 

ServiceNow user activity tracking 

Creating a Salesforce user role 

Improved CSV file for exporting all SaaS licenses 

Improved CSV file for exporting SaaS license usage 

April 2022

New Microsoft 365 integration solves the hybrid challenge 

Slack (for Enterprise Grid) activity tracking 

New License Information API for retrieving Salesforce feature set license counts 

March 2022

Managing and optimizing Salesforce licenses at the user level 

Calculating unassigned SaaS license costs in SaaS Management 

February 2022

Salesforce Users tab 

Custom read-only role for ServiceNow license reclamation 

License Differentiation option for ServiceNow 

January 2022

New Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration 

Improved Users tab interface 

December 2021

Azure AD guest users included with HR Roster integration 

ServiceNow and ServiceNow OAuth2 license differentiation 

Newly updated Microsoft Product SKUs 

November 2021

Initial ingestion of SaaS activity data 

New Okta OAuth2 integration 

Azure Client Credentials workaround to grant the Directory.Read.All permission 

Microsoft Applications and Microsoft Client Credentials integrations now reflect blocked users 

October 2021

New look for SaaS Dashboard 

September 2021

AppExchange (Salesforce) direct integration with SaaS Management 

Office 365 and Office 365 Client Credentials integrations now reflect blocked users 

August 2021

Ability to see all Salesforce licenses for all orgs rolled up into one view 

July 2021

Auto-populated Salesforce License Information 

Salesforce Overview 

New look for a SaaS Application’s Overview tab 

May 2021

SaaS Management integration updates 

April 2021

Import Jobs API supports license differentiation 

Saas Management integration updates 

March 2021

Auto-populated Office 365 and Office 365 Client Credentials License Information 

Import Jobs API 

ServiceNow integration secured with OAuth2 authentication 

Updated HR Roster information for Okta Platform integration 

Updated minimum permissions required for G Suite integration 

Workday report options 

Updated minimum permissions required and API endpoints for ServiceNow integration 

Configuring Flexera One API Credentials to use SaaS Management policies 

February 2021

Slack for Enterprise Grid integration 

Integrations secured with OAuth2 Client ID and Client Secret authentication 

Updated minimum permissions required for Microsoft SaaS applications 

January 2021

Updated Zoom integration instructions 

Office 365 Client Credentials license differentiation and license reclamation 

Office 365 license reclamation 

December 2020

ServiceNow license reclamation 

SaaS Management documentation updates 

November 2020

Creative Cloud license differentiation 

Slack license differentiation 

Salesforce Reclamation API endpoint