Automation Features by Release

The following table provides a list of Automation features by release.

Month and year

New feature or enhancement

June 2024

Azure Rightsize Synapse SQL Pools policy

April 2024

Support for cursor-based API pagination now available with relative path

March 2024

Budget vs. Actual Spend Report policy

User activity tracking and page-performance optimizations added for Applied Policies pages 

Policy alert recipient list now built dynamically

February 2024

Azure Rightsize Managed Disks policy

Azure Rightsize NetApp Files policy

December 2023

Hyperlinks now available in the incident export table

August 2023

Enhancements to AWS usage reduction policies

AWS Rightsize EC2 Instances policy replaced the AWS Rightsize Compute Instances policy

June 2023

Log Level policy parameter added

Navigation improvements to Applied Policies and Automation Incidents pages

April 2023

Budget Alerts policy replaced the Budget Alerts (Legacy) policy

May 2022

New Flexera One policies

February 2022

Configuring ingress for Automation with a safelist CIDR IP

November 2021

AWS STS multi-account credential usage

May 2021

Flexera One Policies has been renamed Automation

April 2021

New Azure cost policies added to Flexera policies