Cloud Cost Optimization Features by Release

The following table provides a list of Cloud Cost Optimization features by release.

Month and year

New feature or enhancement

March 2024

Showing savings for Azure

Ingestion of OpenCost billing data now available in Cloud Cost Optimization

Filter spend and use recently added Data Grouping dimensions in the Budget Wizard 

Expand and collapse rows in the Tabular View 

Export Tabular View data to Excel (XLSX) 

February 2024

Kubecost Flexera Exporter tool now supports service accounts

Microsoft Azure Reservations documentation update

Start Date field added to Azure Enterprise Agreement (Legacy) Bill Connect

Rule-Based Dimensions now available to all customers (Public Beta Release)

January 2024

Ingestion of billing data now available in the FOCUS compliant format

December 2023

IT Asset Management and SaaS spend data now available in Cloud Cost Optimization in the North American (NAM) region

Azure adjustment credits (Beta Release)

November 2023

Reserved Instances utilization now using 30-day rolling window

Azure operating system dimension added 

Analyzing cloud spend using the Tabular View with filters 

Viewing potential savings in a billing center 

October 2023

Custom Tags are now Tag Dimensions 

September 2023

New capabilities and enhancements in Cloud Cost Optimization dashboards and billing centers

FinOps Bill Connect API

AWS Reserved Instance and Savings Plan reallocation 

Rule-Based Dimensions now available in Flexera One user interface (Beta Release)

Cloud Cost Optimization Azure Enterprise Agreement (legacy) Bill Connect migration 

Additional properties in recommendation table 

New cost dimensions for cloud cost reporting 

August 2023

Cost allocation using AWS account tags 

July 2023

Enhanced Dashboards, Data Explorer, and Data Mashup available in Technology Spend 

June 2023

Log Level policy parameter added 

Navigation improvements to Applied Policies and Automation Incidents pages 

May 2023

Cloud budgets release 

April 2023

New Microsoft Azure Modern Commerce Agreement (MCA) bill-based data dimensions 

Rule-Based Dimensions billing center support 

Support for rule-based dimensions in Cloud Cost Anomaly Alerts 

March 2023

Cloud Budgets feature (Beta Release) 

January 2023

New Azure Savings Plan Recommendations policy added to Automation Catalog 

Recommendations can be assigned to billing centers using rule-based dimensions 

New Cloud Cost Optimization role: View bill adjustments 

September 2022

Aggregation of Rate and Usage Reduction recommendations 

Flexera Automation policies enhanced with new authentication method 

August 2022

Creating custom spend recommendations for additional saving opportunities 

Reserved Instances now include more AWS services 

Total Potential Savings support for Azure Resource Groups 

June 2022

Cost Anomaly Detection identifies significant changes in your Cloud spend 

View Total Potential Savings now includes Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 

March 2022

Viewing Total Potential Savings 

User role change for Reserved Instances page 

November 2021

Bill Processing Status dashboard 

Cloud Settings: Billing Configuration and Custom Tags 

January 2021

Support for multiple Google Cloud billing accounts in the same Flexera Org 

December 2020

New Purchase Option dimension