SaaS Integration Task Terminology

The table below explains the SaaS integration task terminology found in the Application Task Tracking.

SaaS Integration Task Terminology



Application Access

Tracks all user access events for this application.

Application Discovery

Discovers the applications enabled by this SSO provider. Once the Application Discovery task has been enabled after 24 yours, you can add the discovered SSO enabled applications to your list of Managed SaaS Applications. For details, refer to Adding Discovered SSO Enabled Applications to Your List of Managed SaaS Applications.

Application Roster

Gathers the list of users who have access to this application.

Expense Discovery

Connects to your SaaS Expense Resource Planning (ERP) provider. Once the Expense Discovery integration task is enabled, data should appear after 24 hours in the Unsanctioned SaaS Applications screen.

You can uncover shadow IT by scanning your company’s expense reports and credit card transactions to identify actual or potential SaaS application purchases. For details, refer to Discovering Shadow Spend.

Note:Most ERP provider applications do not offer a way to pull user roster or activity information.

If you need to manually upload expenses, upload the SaaS Management Expense Format (this link downloads the form SaaSManagementExpenseFormat.xlsx ) on a monthly basis in the Uploading License Documents tab of the Product License screen. All uploaded files must contain the appropriate headers for data matching.

Note:An Expense Discovery integration task does not scan for invoices, general ledgers, or accounts payable.

HR Roster

Connects to your organization’s HR Roster. Once your HR Roster is integrated, you will see this list of users after 24 hours in the SaaS application detail’s Users tab. SaaS Management uses this roster as a source of truth for your organization allowing you to track users and usage across applications, as well as identify Suspicious Activities found within your application environment.

Important:It is recommended to enable one HR Roster in your SaaS Management instance to avoid duplicate user information.

If you need a manual upload of your organization’s HR Roster, contact your SaaS Management representative or Contact Flexera Support in the Flexera Community to upload the SaaS Management Manual Import HR Form (this link downloads the form SaaSManagementManualHRForm.xlsx ). All uploaded files must contain the appropriate headers for data matching.

License Differentiation

Allows you to view users by license type in the Activity tab where you can filter and export license types.

License Information

Automatically retrieves a SaaS application license plan, license name, and total allowed number of licenses every 24 hours.


Enables the ability to reclaim or deactivate SaaS licenses. The exact functionality available depends on what, if anything, is available in the application’s API. For details, refer to Reclaiming SaaS Licenses.


Currently only used to populate the Org Name and Org Id for the Salesforce integration. The Setup task is always enabled when Adding an Application.

SSO Application Access

Tracks all user access events for applications in this SSO provider.

SSO Application Roster

Gathers the list of users who have access to applications in this SSO provider.