New IT Visibility dashboards

Note:This feature is available with IT Visibility.

Flexera has launched a new collection of IT Visibility dashboards. These more intuitive, robust dashboards incorporate lessons learned from over 15 proofs of concept (POC) efforts conducted across 2022. The new dashboards replace the prior set of IT Visibility dashboards, but these previous generation dashboards remain available in a Legacy folder.

Customers can expect the new dashboards to provide the following additional benefits:

An Executive Summary on the landing page that combines hardware and software
Clearly labeled and categorized folders to group dashboards for specific use cases
More straightforward navigation of filters with full drill-through capabilities
Advanced Insight Metrics (calculations), including the current lifecycle stage name
Reports that can be scheduled and emailed, including CSV exports of report data
Dashboard sorting within charts and graphs to highlight the most critical data, including updated legends
Interactive charts that allow dashboard-to-dashboard, dashboard-to-insight, and insight to URL links
Insight to action with AdminStudio Workflow
Self-Service capabilities that enable nontechnical users to search data and create custom reports, charts, or dashboards
Confidence knowing these dashboards were field tested and harvested from the front lines of our solution engineers’ POC efforts

For more information about these new dashboards, see the IT Visibility Dashboards section in Flexera One Help.