AppExchange (Salesforce) direct integration with SaaS Management

Note:This feature is available with SaaS Management.

AppExchange (Salesforce) is an online marketplace where Salesforce customers can add third-party SaaS applications to their Salesforce instances. See the AppExchange (Salesforce) website for a list of available applications. Flexera One’s SaaS Management now offers a direct integration with AppExchange (Salesforce) to manage the usage of Salesforce’s third-party SaaS applications.

Benefits of integrating AppExchange (Salesforce) with SaaS Management

Third-party SaaS applications are managed in AppExchange (Salesforce) using managed packages. Currently, Salesforce customers do not have visibility into the usage of all managed packages across Salesforce instances. Optimizing managed packages in Salesforce requires a cumbersome manual process.

Using SaaS Management’s direct integration with AppExchange (Salesforce), you can view your managed packages for all your Salesforce instances in one place. SaaS Management identifies users who are no longer with your company and are still assigned managed package licenses — enabling you to repurpose or reclaim these licenses to save time and money. For more information, refer to the AppExchange (Salesforce) integration instructions.