Logout Redirect URL for Identity Providers

Note:This enhancement is available with Administration.

When you log in to Flexera One through your organization's identity provider, you will be directed to a logout redirect URL when your session ends. A Flexera One session may end when you log out or when your session expires due to inactivity. If no logout redirect URL is set, you will be directed to the Flexera One login page when your session ends. One suggested use for this feature is to set the logout redirect URL to the homepage of your organization's identity provider. An https:// URL is strongly recommended. However, an http:// URL is also valid).

Note:When the logout redirect URL is changed, it only affects newly created sessions after the update. Any session already active during the update will not be affected by the update. To observe the changed behavior, log out of Flexera One, then log in to Flexera One again through the identity provider and when that session ends, the new logout redirect value will be active.

For further details, refer to Setting Up an Identity Provider in Flexera One for:

Azure AD 
External Identity Provider