New SaaS Management integration for multiple tier Zoom plans

Note:This feature is available for SaaS Management.

Flexera One’s SaaS Management now offers an integration for multiple tier Zoom plans. The Zoom with Tiered Accounts integration is for Zoom’s cloud-based video conferencing tool that can host online meetings with up to 1,000 attendees. This integration helps optimize license spend and license usage. SaaS Management’s license differentiation feature enables you to track your organization’s multiple tier Zoom plans and each plan’s user activity. This new Zoom integration also provides you the flexibility to track or to filter out free users. You can also optimize your organization’s Zoom licenses using SaaS Management’s SaaS license reclamation workflow. The more secure OAuth2 with Authorize Flow authentication method is required to authorize the Zoom with Tiered Accounts integration with SaaS Management.

Enabling integration tasks for Zoom with tiered accounts

To enable the appropriate SaaS Management integration tasks for Zoom With Tiered Accounts, you must grant the appropriate scope as described in the “Scopes Required” Flexera One Help section of the Zoom with Tiered Accounts integration instructions.

Tracking Zoom plan name and user activity

SaaS Management integrates with the paid multiple tier Zoom plans listed in the table below. User activity is tracked by Zoom plan name in the Activity tab of the Zoom With Tiered Accounts application.

Paid multiple tier Zoom plans that integrate with Flexera One’s SaaS Management

API Partner


Zoom Phone

Bulk License


Zoom Rooms


Free Trial

Zoom Video SDK




Tracking free users

You can track or filter out free users in your organization while integrating Zoom with Tiered Accounts with SaaS Management. To track free users, enter Yes in the Include Free Users field of the SaaS Management integration setup. By default, free users are not tracked.

Flexera One Help references

The Zoom with Tiered Accounts integration instructions describe how to enable this application’s features.
To track user activity by Zoom plan, refer to Tracking Application Activity by License Type for License Differentiation.
To reclaim a Zoom with Tiered Accounts user’s license, refer to Reclaiming SaaS Licenses.
The Application Task Tracking chart includes the available features for Zoom with Tiered Accounts.