Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) verification data can now be added to the Oracle GLAS evidence archive

Note:This feature is available with IT Asset Management.

The FlexNet Inventory Agent capabilities have been extended to allow for importing Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) data into the Oracle GLAS evidence archive. For EBS verification, Oracle requires that your report includes key information pertaining to the installation, configuration, and usage of Oracle EBS products, their components, and features. Imported EBS data can be used to verify that your Oracle EBS implementation, whether you have created custom features, and the like, is compliant in an Oracle audit conducted by Oracle Global Licensing and Advisory Services (GLAS).

One new control has been added in [ProductName] to manage this data flow:

Access the Inventory tab in the IT Asset Management Settings General page (Administration > IT Asset Management Settings > General). When the new Include Oracle E-Business Suite check box is enabled, additional EBS verification data is added to the archive, ready for submission to be audited when required.

When using InventorySettings.xml version 73 or 74 (v73 and later contains the updated Oracle GLAS scripts), there is no specific FlexNet Inventory Agent version required in order to collect Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) data. However, it is recommended to deploy FlexNet Inventory Agent version 21.1.0 and later to take advantage of defect fixes and other improvements. The version number of the InventorySettings.xml file is included in its first line, and the file is updated as part of the regular download of the Application Recognition Library (ARL).

Important:It is planned that the upcoming InventorySettings.xml version 75 will include changes that require the FlexNet Inventory Agent version 22.0.0 and later in order to continue collecting Oracle E-Business Suite data. Earlier version agents prior to version 22.0.0 will need to be upgraded to continue gathering Oracle E-Business Suite data once InventorySettings.xml version 75 is deployed. Furthermore, you will need to enable the EBS data collection by using the Enable collection of Oracle EBS audit data checkbox on the Data Collection > IT Asset Inventory Tasks > Inventory Settings page. This option is disabled by default.

Tip:If it is required by your organization’s security standards to mask user names and IP addresses prior to submitting Oracle GLAS evidence, ensure to check the Mask user names and IP addresses except for database evidence (passwords are always masked) check box on the Inventory tab of the IT Asset Management Settings General page. Enabling this check box will replace all user names and IP addresses that appear in your EBS verification data with the value text_removed.

For information on how to download the Oracle GLAS evidence archive, see Oracle Instances in the [ProductName] Online Help.

For information on what kinds of information can be included in the nightly generation of the Oracle GLAS evidence archive, see IT Asset Management Settings: Inventory Tab in the Flexera One Help.