Ability to Reclaim Licenses in IT Asset Requests

Note:This feature is available with IT Asset Requests.

IT Asset Requests provides a License Reclamation feature that helps you keep an eye out for cost savings by monitoring underutilized software licenses and gives you the action on the same screen to reclaim these licenses for use elsewhere. When you reclaim a license, Flexera One submits an uninstall request associated to the device where the license will be removed.

Note:The feature requires a Manage IT license reclamation Flexera One role.

The License Reclamation page (IT Asset Requests > License Reclamation):

Provides a list of all the underutilized software licenses (applications not used in the last 90 days).
Lets you reclaim applications that have a catalog item created (application has a FlexeraID) and the catalog item has an associated uninstall program.

Note:In the event catalog items have multiple FlexeraIDs linked, the reclamation process picks the most recent catalog item created.

Includes basic reporting showing items successfully uninstalled.
Works only with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.