New managed SaaS Applications Overview tab

Note:This feature is available with SaaS Management.

Our continual discovery work with customers and partners, tell us that having a detailed appreciation of user activity is becoming more and more important to the Software Asset Manager (SAM). Getting to this information quickly and easily is also key to the success of the SAM, as they look to manage and optimize the usage and spend of their SaaS applications.

Flexera’s SaaS Management has made it even easier for the SAM to track user activity. The SaaS Management Overview tab (SaaS > Managed SaaS Applications > Overview) now benefits from a completely new and modern user experience accompanied with new enhanced views and functionality, providing:

Total percentage of active, inactive and never active users via the Activity Status graph
Data drill throughs to the managed SaaS applications’ Users tab via user activity data links in the Activity Status and Days Since Last Activity graphs
The ability - when using the Activities Over Time graph - to drill into specific date periods, providing the detail required to understand usage within a given period
Informative “tool tips” providing the detail required to understand the data that is being displayed

For managed SaaS applications where Flexera has support for license differentiation, there is also additional value with the introduction of a new Licenses table, providing detailed license and assignment information directly from the Overview tab.

For further details, see Overview Tab in the Flexera One Help.