Common Report Log Definitions

FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications provides common report log importing—available with a separate license from Flexera—which enables enterprises to define a report log format, then import those report logs into FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications using the user interface or at the command line.

This functionality enables enterprises to import non-FlexNet (and non-LUM) report logs for usage reporting and tracking purposes. In this way, FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications provides for comprehensive reporting across your engineering and technical application usage and enables you to do consolidated planning for your enterprise-wide software licensing needs.

Creating a common report log definition is also the first step in the process of managing a third-party license server using FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications.

The process for working with non-FlexNet report log data is:

1. Create a report definition in FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications, using functionality available from the Report Log Definitions tab.
2. Format your report log files properly, generate or convert them to match the formats that you have defined.
3. Import the properly formatted report logs using the command-line bulkimport utility or using the Import button on the Report Logs page.
4. Create and generate reports based on your usage data.

Report Log Definitions page

The Report Log Definitions page displays a list of all of the custom report log definitions that you have created. This page displays the following information:

Name of the report log definition.
License system for which this report log definition was created.
File extension of the report log to be imported.

From this page, you can delete existing report log definitions and move to the Add Report Log Definition or the Edit Report Log Definition pages.

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