Getting Started With IT Visibility

IT Visibility is an analysis platform that offers comprehensive visibility into your IT environment to help you gain visibility and insight into the assets deployed in your environment. It provides you with out-of-the-box analytics that enable you to understand and explore your application portfolio. IT Visibility helps you:

View your application portfolio at a high levelIT Visibility gives you a view of your total software installs, so you can better understand your IT environment at a high level.
Identify and rationalize software sprawl—You can view your software installs based on category, manufacturer, and version, so you can understand and rationalize sprawl, helping you reduce licensing costs and streamline your environment.
Mitigate end-of-life risk—You can easily view which software releases are approaching end-of-life and you can also view which products are already at end-of-life, so that you can choose to take actions to mitigate vulnerabilities and support costs.
Unlock deeper analysisYou can export your data set for further, deeper analysis using your own business intelligence tools or to import into downstream platforms such as a CMDB or ITFM system.
Simplify analysis—Your IT environment present a large complex set of data that IT Visibility helps simplify through easy to understand visualizations.

IT Visibility Screen Size Display Resolution Recommendation

For the best user experience when using IT Visibility, Flexera recommends viewing on a monitor with a minimum display resolution of 1280px width by 760px height.

IT Visibility Help Topics

The table below provides navigation to the following IT Visibility help topics.

IT Visibility Help Topics



Uploading Inventory Data Into IT Visibility

Explains how to upload inventory data into IT Visibility using inventory beacons installed in your environment or imported from your FlexNet Manager On-Premises instance to Flexera One.

For additional or related details, see

Viewing Import Status
Managing External Inventory Connections

Using Data Explorer to Gain Interactive Insights Into Your IT Environment

Explains the capabilities of Data Explorer and how you can use it to gain visibility into your IT environment. For details, see

Accessing Dashboards and Data Explorer
The Components of Data Explorer
Creating Insights to Visualize Your Data
Working With Measures
Exporting Insights
Working With Dashboards

Upgrading to the Latest Version of IT Visibility

Upgrading to the latest version of IT Visibility is not automatically performed for customers who were onboarded prior to September 25, 2023. To request an upgrade, contact your account representative. For additional details including how to check if you are on the latest version of IT Visibility, refer to this section.

Managing Data Mashup

Describes how to use data mashup features to upload custom, non-discoverable business context data from your IT environment into IT Visibility for use in Data Explorer.

Exporting Data From IT Visibility

Explains how to export data from the IT Visibility platform, so that you can perform further custom analysis of your IT environment using the business intelligence or analytics tools of your choice. For details, see

Exporting Data
Using the IT Visibility API to Export Files
Export Files

If you are using a previous version of IT Visibility Export, see Previous IT Visibility Data Export Versions.

Understanding Inventory Normalization

Provides insights as to how hardware and software inventory has been normalized as well as how the normalization process identifies and merges duplicate devices. For details, see

Viewing Inventory Normalization Statistics 
Inventory Device Matching in IT Visibility