March 2022

Flexera One introduced the following new features and enhancements this month.


New feature or enhancement

Cloud Cost Optimization

Viewing Total Potential Savings 

User role change for Reserved Instances page 

IT Asset Management

IBM certifies Flexera One as ILMT replacement for Flexera One IT Asset Management customers 

New Microsoft Windows Server Optimization report optimizes licenses for Windows Server 

New Application Transparency report especially helps embedded applications 

New license exemption by file path manages Oracle Java  

Inventory from POWER architecture running Linux 

Updates to Kubernetes inventory agent 

Individual inventory beacons are displayed by default for discovery tasks in the System Tasks page 

Microsoft SQL Server Optimization report now reports whether inventory devices are hosted on premises or in the cloud 

IT Visibility

Group and share IT Visibility dashboards 

Sort data in charts in Data Explorer 

Show axis name in Data Explorer 

Hide insight titles in dashboards 

Differentiate licensability status through visual analytics 

Dashboard permissions added 

SaaS Management

Managing and optimizing Salesforce licenses at the user level 

Calculating unassigned SaaS license costs in SaaS Management