March 2024

Flexera One introduced the following new features and enhancements this month.


New feature or enhancement


Budget vs. Actual Spend Report policy 

User activity tracking and page-performance optimizations added for Applied Policies pages 

Policy alert recipient list now built dynamically

Cloud Cost Optimization

Showing savings for Azure 

Ingestion of OpenCost billing data now available in Cloud Cost Optimization 

Filter spend and use recently added Data Grouping dimensions in the Budget Wizard 

Expand and collapse rows in the Tabular View 

Export Tabular View data to Excel (XLSX) 

Flexera One Platform

Power BI endpoints added

IT Asset Management

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) verification data can now be added to the Oracle GLAS evidence archive

Fix for the flxfsscan process reporting every file found during the file system scan to the flxfsscan_report file

IT Asset Management Data API enhancement

New fields added to the Purchase Order Upload Standard template

Changes to supported operating systems and compatibility with other products

FlexNet Inventory Agent version 21.3.0 changes

Inventory Beacon 21.3.0 changes

IT Visibility

Business Services attributes now in Data Explorer 

New and improved inventory dashboards highlight vulnerabilities, virtual environments, and sustainability 

Reasons for device disparity between IT Visibility and IT Asset Management now added in Flexera One Help

New support for Microsoft Intune as an out-of-the-box data source

SaaS Management

New SaaS integration for Confluence 

New SaaS integration for Jira 

Users tab now includes all organizational attributes