Enterprise Product Integration Documentation

Configuration and troubleshooting information regarding the integration of FlexNet Manager Suite, App Portal, AdminStudio, and Workflow Manager

Enterprise Product Integration Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide

Click on one of the following links to view the latest version of the Enterprise Product Integration Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide in either HTML or PDF format.

Flexera Service Gateway 2 Installer

The Flexera Service Gateway is a component that enables AdminStudio, App Portal, Workflow Manager, and FlexNet Manager Suite / FlexNet Manager Platform to communicate. Click on the links below to download the Flexera Service Gateway 2 installer and the Flexera Service Gateway 2 Administration and Installation Guide.

NOTE: Flexera Service Gateway 2 has been rewritten to address security vulnerabilities and SSL/TLS issues found in the previous version.

Supported Version Matrix

This matrix lists the inter-product supported versions for each release of Flexera enterprise products:

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Flexera Integrated Environment

The following diagram gives you an overview of how the integrated Flexera applications communicate—via the Flexera Service Gateway—when performing the tasks involved in a single application's life cycle.

For more information, see Integrated Environment Overview.

Unified Application Management Workflow Diagram

In this integrated solution, a Flexera ID is used to maintain application identity across products. Because AdminStudio, App Portal, and FlexNet Manager Suite use the same ID to identify an application, the following unified application management workflow is enabled:

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